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Abby Sciuto
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Name:Abigail "Abby" Sciuto
Hair Color:Black
Aliases: HeLrAiSer32, Miss-Cold-Ember, B2Killerzs, Cyberskank1982, Deathstlker49, Vamperstein8782.
Tatoos:(2 angels,1 cross,1 Spiderweb and spider,R.I.P,Infinity) Angels-Top left and right cornor of back/ Cross-middle Back/ R.I.P- Left arm/ Infinity-Right arm.
Occupation:Forensic Specialist
Abby became interested in Forensics because when she was younger she lived next to a car wrecking lot and at night she would sneak out and take pictures and then try to imagine what happened. She wears Gothic style clothing and listens to Gothic/Electronica/Indusdtrial. Like
Android Lust or Collide.She also has a coffin in her guest room. When she goes to court
she has to wear heels and a colored suit. She has her hair put up in pigtails most of the time. Rarely does she wear her hair down. Unless going to court. She drinks large amounts of CAF-POW! a highly caffenated soda. She's kinda a computer geek. Her and McGee dated for awhile when they first met. She also has a stuffed farting hippo named Bert who has a nose ring and a dog collar.